Why I Love My Work – Ken Eckstein, Director of the Gordon Square Campus

Meet one of our Centers team members who has spent nearly 15 years working everyday to help members of our community to live a better life.  Ken Eckstein is the Director of our Gordon Square Campus who leads daily operations to make sure our team and clients get the support they need. It’s no small undertaking. Ken is pretty extraordinary. Take a moment to get to know him here and learn more about how you can become a member of our team and/or donate to The Centers so that we can continue to help people to be healthy and successful, one person at a time.

How would you describe what you do to improve the lives of those we serve?

My role as a Director is to help our staff help our clients. This involves a lot of problem solving, in the moment clinical decision-making, managing crises and helping staff prioritize and figure out what the next step is. Sometimes it’s identifying resource information and concerns about barriers they’re running into in the community. In general, I help them do their job in meeting their clients’ needs.

How many people’s lives have you touched in this time?

I’ve been at the agency for 14 years and I have worked at all 4 of the Health and Wellness offices. I would say I’ve worked with directly with several hundred over all of these years.

What is the best thing about your job?

When you hear of a client who has benefited from our services; counseling, case-management, psychiatry, pharmacy and primary care. I’ve seen many clients who came to us with very little hope and when they come to our judgement-free place, they realize that someone is here to help with their life issues, and I can see that the work we’re doing is making a huge difference in their life.

Who are your greatest inspirations in life?

I’m really lucky to have the parents I have. They’re so supportive and encouraging to me to grow. I see a lot of value with my connection with them.

If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be and why?

Barack and Michelle Obama. They are very inspiring to me regarding their role in history and how smart and down to earth they are.

Fill in the blank: “If we are going to solve the poverty issue in our community, we need to find opportunities to help people move forward in their education.  I have only been able to get to where I am through the opportunities for education I have had.

Here’s the artwork and quote that hangs in his office and inspires Ken, and this is why he painted it: “It represents a team effort. We support each other. You can’t underestimate the power of connection. It takes each one of us here to help one person.”

What is your favorite movie/book? Why?

Movie: Big Eden. Because it’s about celebrating diversity. It’s about a man who went back to a rural town and his family, and the townspeople rallied around him with unconditional love and acceptance.

*  *  *

Thank you, Ken for the vitally  important work you do with individuals, families and children here in our Northeast Ohio community. We are so happy to have you on our team!

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