A First: Teaching Workforce Development Classes Via Distance Learning

This afternoon, The Centers’ El Barrio Career Coach Sely Mojica taught workforce development students at Adelante in Toledo via distance learning about the finer points of writing a cover letter that will get a candidate noticed. Sely encouraged students to take thoughtful time to consider what makes them a great fit for the position they are applying for. She also strongly recommended having a couple of people review cover letters to be sure to catch any potential typos or grammatical errors.

This distance learning track focuses on a career in pharmacy and is made possible by our partner CVS.

Adelante, The Latino Resource Center, is a Latino non-profit organization whose mission is to empower Latinos and the community at-large through supportive services, education and advocacy for children and families.

This is an exciting partnership on many levels and we look forward to growing our ability to deliver educational opportunities via distance learning!

To enroll in a class, or to learn more about El Barrio Workforce Development, please call (216) 325-WORK.